Peavey 115 hc manual

Log in or Sign up. The Gear Page. Blue Marvel in Peavey E cabinet and delta blues what speaker? Jun 16, 1. Messages: 19, I know it is a "blue marvel", but thought I heard it was made by Eminence, and maybe is like the Legend? In any case, I just bought a used E cab, and really want to know the sensitivity of the speaker, and the rated wattage. It is a 15", 16 ohm speaker. Have emailed Peavey but haven't heard back.

Just tried Eminence as well. Anyone know? StompBoxBluesJun 16, Jun 16, 2. Messages: 4, I put one in a Delta Blues years ago and was very pleased with the results. Jun 16, 3. Messages: 5, Eminence Legend would be the closest, if not identical. Darth TaterJun 16, Jun 16, 4.

Peavey ProSys 115HC User Manual

Jun 16, 5. Messages: 1, RamblinJun 16, Jun 16, 6. Jun 16, 7. Jun 17, 8. I appreciate the help! Mainly I am just wanting the specs on the speaker that is already in, and some of the answers I am unclear on you guys are suggesting something that would be in the ballpark, but mainly I just need to know how many watts the thing can handle if you don't know I think they run a lot higher in watts because they can dissipate more heat right?

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Also, the sensitivity is important for me because I may want to run two cabs and would like to match it so they two cabs one with the 15, the other with either 2 x 10 or 2 x 12 put out about the same levels.Forgot your password?

Mid-late 80's models? I'd consider them W speakers although they could be easily updated to higher powered newer components. Decent sounding, especially for their time. I think the opening bid price would be fair if you can snag it for that, provided everything is original and working. Peavey made a matching international series 1x18 sub cab that was pretty good. It was a standard Black Widow in a very large cabinet with a front slot port. Some of the international series had gold colored Peavey logos, a departure from the standard silver.

Peavey also made a International Three way system with a 18" woofer. I had a set of those boat anchors along with the original CS with the cast iron front. I always figured I was safe in a tornado if I was between the 2 speakers holding on the the power amp.

Blue Marvel (in Peavey 115E cabinet and delta blues) what speaker?

They were better than a wedge for that job, and didn't sound horrible for their time, but newer boxes will sound much better. I have a pair and I like them for the fact they are bi-amp ready and can mount on poles for really small rooms where space is a premium. Or use as sides. The International was a dog in my book Now if you find a International it was one of the best Peavey ever made They never sold well because they pretty much must be used with subs.

And that was back before the days when subs were used much by local bands. Tastes have changed a bit with age though I've got a spair pair of HT's available with new diaphrams.

Really cheap.

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Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL.Page of 28 Go. Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Operating Manual. Table of Contents. Powered bi-amplified two-way monitor speaker system 24 pages.

Class-d powered two-way sound reinforcement speaker system pages. Two-way weather-resistant injection-molded speaker system 8 pages. Peavey landscape speaker specification sheet 4 pages.

Peavey 3 way speaker system specification sheet 4 pages. Keep these instructions. Heed all warnings.

peavey 115 hc manual

Follow all instructions. Do not use this apparatus near water. Clean only with a dry cloth. Do not block any of the ventilation openings. Guarde estas instrucciones. Haga caso de todos los consejos. Siga todas las instrucciones. No usar este aparato cerca del agua. Limpiar solamente con una tela seca.

Suivez ces instructions.

peavey 115 hc manual

Bewahren Sie diese Anweisungen auf. Beachten Sie alle Warnungen. Befolgen Sie alle Anweisungen.

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Reinigen Sie es nur mit einem trockenen Tuch. Huomioi kaikki varoitukset. Noudata kaikkia ohjeita. Puhdista vain kuivalla kankaalla. Asenna valmistajan ohjeiden mukaisesti. Iakttag alla varningar.Road worthy cabinets with removable latching front covers, to protect speakers. Cabinets measure's approximately 21" X 28" X 15". Weigh about 70 pounds each.

Pole mountable. Speakers have been recently replaced with Pyle speakers, and new horns. In very good condition. Price reduced. Great deal! Will trade for guitars.

Excellent condition. Item is in excellent condition. ONE monitor. These sell for much more. If you see this ad then item is available so please don't ask, you will Shoot me an offer.

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I have tons of pedals, Guitars and Amps that will be coming up for sale soon so please keep on the lookout for the ad. No checks Old Peavey bass cab, great tone. Sounds awesome and can handle a lot of power. Equipped with 15 inch Black Widow speaker. Some rough spots on the back and the bottom. Handle and casters work great. Email with any questions.

These loudspeakers are used but well taken care of with only one owner.

Peavey Speaker Manuals

They show a little Extra mid and high-end horn sold separately. Sold in pairs ONLY. Only one speaker has casters, Removed for storage. Working good, the terms are cash and you can find them here in Alexandria MN.

Great speakers Get em before they are gone.Why don't fictional characters say "goodbye" when they hang up a phone? If we can't tunnel through the Earth, how do we know what's at its center?

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Wiki User According to some other sites that were researching the speaker and cab for use as a home cab for a bass, the specs are when new : Impedance: 8 Ohms.

Peavey Low Max 18" sub. Asked in Technology What does a Peavey do? Peavey Electronics manufactures both guitars and amplifiers. Asked in Population What is Peavey Electronics's population? The population of Peavey Electronics is 2, No they don'ti use a markbass head and a peavey 4x10 cab.

John Peavey was born on Asked in Celebrities How tall is Alex Peavey? Jack Peavey was born on Yes, Peavey makes guitars for example Devin Townsend uses Peavey guitarsamong other things. Peavey born? Hubert H. Peavey was born in Peavey die? Peavey died in Asked in Guitars Which is a better guitar fender or peavey?

Peavey is alright especially the Amplifiers, but Fender is a lot better! A Peavey T is the very first guitar Peavey ever produced.

It is a USA made electric guitar manufactured from The Peavey JSX guitar line was not designed by a musician per the information on the site. The line was designed by Hartley Peavey who is the owner of the company. Hazel Peavey has written: 'Keep it under your hat' 'I wouldn't know! Asked in Van Halen What kind of amplifier is the Peavey ?

The Peavey amplifier, made by the Peavey Electronics Company, is a very specialized all-tube guitar amplifier originally made for Eddie Van Halen.Forgot your password? I picked up a pair of these speakers on Craigslist just for fun I got them pretty inexpesive thought I would mess around with them. I hooked them up to my IPR and They sound great. Totaly suprised me way better sounding then I expected.

Any Thoughts??? More of a shorter throw box. Check the horn drivers in them. They have a way of unscrewing from the horn lens. The box is on the inside a little bigger than the SP2's of the same time period.

Maybe even today so the low end is a little better than the sp2 box. They do make goodaverage output drum monitors when placed one on top of the other.

peavey 115 hc manual

Great for key board monitor as well. So now that I'm putting my own system together I've been leaning towards Peavey because thats what I've always used.

I hope to get a pair of tops to match the 18's. Yes I'm not sure how that works they have 2 14" jacks. Got in a bind a few years later when the company I was at folded and sold them for a slight profit, but many's the time I wish I still had them since then.

I remember a keyboard player back in '88 using one as his keyboard speaker on stage. Even from my station in the wings cross-stage running lights, that thing sounded great and would flat rip your head off. The same band used two stacks per side of the the Peavey Project I series stacks for people indoors.Log in Become a member. Peavey DL.

Product presentation.

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Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Write a user review Ask for a user review. These are no longer being made but can be found out there every now and again. The bands that I'm playing with recently starting renting a new practice space and these are the speakers that we've got to go along with the Peavey XM6 mixer in there.

While these aren't the most powerful speakers out there, for our purposes inside our cozy little practice space, they get the job done just fine. We don't own these as they came for use with the space, so it's not like we sought them out and bought them. Having said this, they seem to be doing a pretty good job for us as we're able to hear over the drums and loud amplifiers in the room and it's not the biggest room in the world.

I don't know much about the technical specifications of the Peavey DL's, but they do seem to be pretty standard in terms of PA speakers on the smaller side. I'm not convinced that they would be adequate for a small venue, but for practicing they do seem to be okay. The sound isn't always the clearest, but this also has to do with the Shure 10A microphone that we also use.

One of these days I'll bring in some of my microphones from home and try it out to see what the difference is. Upon doing a quick search, I found that there doesn't seem to be too many sets of the Peavey DL's out there, although you will find some for sale here and there.

I wouldn't recommend going out of your way for these speakers, but if you find a set of them for less than US dollars, which is probably what they're worth, they should serve you well in a practicing sort of situation Did you find this review helpful? Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Find out more.

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