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Skip to content. Skip to navigation. I used a x86 version of XP to dump the key. Install v5. I have not tested, but I read newer drivers may not work. With the usb hasp connected, go into the application that requires the hasp and perform an action that requires the hasp in the machine. Go back to 'Toro Aladdin Dongles Monitor'. If you program used the HASP you should now see text. Look for a line that looks like this. Now that you have the two passwords, use h5dmp. Use the command "h5dmp. If all goes well you should tell you it was successful and you should now have two files hasp.

Open the hasp dump you just created make sure hasp. This will generate a registry key to the same directory as your dump. Once you make the above changes you should now have what you need to emulate the hasp using multikey.

Unplug the usb hasp. Add the registry key you created to the registry. Install Multikey by running install.

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After running install. Skip to navigation Personal tools Log in.

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Search Site only in current section. Advanced Search…. Navigation Home. Log in. Login Name.ZIP v4. There can be up to 10 different passwords but it doesn't mean that all dongles are connected to computer. DMP" or ". BIN" extension.

How to install HASP MultiKey USB Dongle Emulator on Windows 7 64 bit

In our example created file is called 3CA0. Please send created dump files to sales dongleservice. You can also use Ticket system to send us dump file. We'll send trial version of HASP dongle emulator as soon as get your mail.

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Usually it doesn't take more than 24 hours. Trial version has one week time limitations but it is enough to make sure your software can perfectly work without hardware key attached to computer.

If everything works fine and you want to buy full version of Aladdin crack let us know as soon as possible to get discount. Just drop us e-mail to sales dongleservice. If you need additional information or want to ask some questions - feel free to send us e-mail to sales dongleservice.

Old dongles get broken! Read all Step 1. Step 3.

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Starting service Now you need to open "Emulator" tab. Then you press "Start Service" button. If everything is ok you'll see Step 5. Running your software To find your key it is necessary to start protected software.

Step 6. Reading your key. Sending dumps and getting trial version of Aladdin dongle emulator.Remember Me? What's New? Page 3 of 3 First 1 2 3 Jump to page: Showing results 21 to 26 of Thread: MultiKey in Windows 10 32 bit.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Greetings, I am having a problem with MultiKey in Win 10 x I am able to install it and have it run, but after a restart or two, it is once again rejected as an unsigned driver. I did try entering the following command, to no avail: bcdedit. I am no expert in these matters. The status says that the drivers for this device are not installed.

Any help any of you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, in advance. Last edited by markmorrick; at PM. Problem already solved. Originally Posted by BfoX. Stir yourselves because we'll need all your enthusiasm. Organize yourselves because we'll need all your strength. I then deleted multikey in its entirety. Before I installed the Mkbus I installed its certificate manually.

The flag indicating error code 28 there are no compatible drivers for this device. I even tried reinstalling the HASP drivers after, but that did nothing.The topic of reverse engineering and electronic device backup. Because of the actual fact Our name is our most important plus. We have evolved, The foremost advanced and reliable electronic device Dongle backup.

Utilities to supply you with a one hundred pc operating chance to your, distinctive hardware dongle. Our Dongle emulation are presently at add organizations. By doing away with the important. We have a tendency to cross the bigger, mile to take care of our guarantees.

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We are a little enterprise and every employee. Needs superior technical education in ready to give the support our purchasers need. Our customers are huge transnational companies, authorities departments of diverse countries, additionally to an enormous amount of tiny teams and people. Skip to content. Reputation Our name is our most important plus. Solutions We have evolved, The foremost advanced and reliable electronic device Dongle backup.

Rockey Dongle 14 December Aladdin Hardlock 13 December Gemalto Sentinel HL 13 December Microcosm Dinkey 17 December Wibu Codemeter Cmstick 13 December Eutron SmartKey Pico 13 December TDI Matrix 13 December Marx CryptoBox 19 December AxioVision 4. SoftNI Subtitler Suite v2.Remember Me? What's New? Page 2 of 3 First 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Showing results 11 to 20 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Originally Posted by szemb3. Hi, here is attached new api log decoder and this working if firmware have then.

My sources 2 types, 1. Get log from usbtrace and extract WB aeskey from firmware and make solution. Get all aeskey from firmware and put in src and no need place usbtrace log. Software all updates works as dongle. If have firmware I can explain.

Last edited by szemb3; at AM. Contact to this company and discuss and send dongle his company he will make firmware. Attachment Hi, here is attached new api log decoder and this working if firmware have then. Seem that b30wulf is author of those tools, or he know the author.

I know rce guru not understand all, and he given kit one guy and he public all board, But his kit not have support white box and firmware, I modified his kit for white-box supported my self as firmware based. B30wulf, Which board in he given details?

My actually linked from forum. I hope many person know me. Page 2 of 3 First 1 2 3 Last Jump to page:.

Emulate HASP HL Pro

The time now is AM.Thank you very much for writing these instructions. I followed them and it worked great. I have a question, though. Once everything is installed and working, so I still need to keep the computer in Test mode? I followed your steps and used the Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider to sign the multikey. I am a little concerned about keeping the computer permanently in Test mode.

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Can you give me some advice? But its certificate is unverified by Microsoft. That's the reason why the driver is only loaded in the Test mode. Sorry about this! My dongle is a HASP4 lpt. Do you know how can I emulate it? Specifically trying to make e-Prime work pstnet. Thank you very much for posting this info. It has helped me tremendously in multikey running properly. Hi Son, thanks for that.

I'm blocked in the first part with the dumper, with a problem with windows uac. Any ideas? Hi Kriss, Sorry for late response! Could you please describe clearly your specific problem? I think I can help you if I know what is the exact problem. Thank you very much for your tutorial. Code 10 ". Don't worry Valentin Olaru. You need to edit a little bit the registry file. After that, you must Merge it into Registry and then restart your PC. Good luck :. First of all thank you for this great post.

I tried to clone a usb HASP HL dongle, everything went ok but the application that requires the dongle does not work, saying "no security key detected". USB Key. Thank you!

In addition to this, I cannot remember anymore. If it is possible please send me your application and registry file I will try to help you. Windows 7 will not see it so I had to create the registry file in window xp and move it to windows 7.Eplan 2. In other words, avoid the UEFI boot procedure. Test your Windows or Linux system by rebooting a few times. Power up your Windows 10 x Right-click the Command prompt icon, and then click Run as administrator.

Exit the command prompt and reboot.

How to Install Emulators to a USB Drive. And play on any computer.

Now, you can press F8 to enter the boot menu during the few seconds when the Windows 10 is starting up, and manually disable the Driver Signing Enforcement each time you turn on the computer.

Restart Windows and press 7 when prompted to disable the driver signing enforcement. Now that you are in Windows again, disable the internet. Ideally, if you know how to do it, leave the network adapter and the network ON, but block the access to the outside world.

Uncheck the option for online help and select the local help, as well as the use of millimeters as the units of measurement. Run the command prompt with administrator rights, and change the current directory to the installation folder. Reboot after the installation, but each time you have to manually disable the driver signing enforcement from the Windows boot menu!

In the following step, you need to install the USB emulator driver dongle emulator. However, it seems that in all these cases you need to disable the driver signing enforcement each time you boot! Run the command prompt as administrator.

Execute the driver installation script: install. Reboot again and don't forget that you need to manually disable the driver signing enforcement each time you boot! It should have its own icon and be enabled. Alternatively, it could be represented as an "Unknown device", or its icon could indicate the disabled state redor inactive state yellow. The inactive state is due to the driver blocking or the incomplete driver installation.

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